How to Update Blinder HP-905 Tutorial

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Update Picture

Blinder HP-905 Update Process Tutorial

    1. Connect the Blinder CPU with the supplied USB cable.  (There is no need to connect the unit to power as all necessary power is supplied from the USB cable)
    2. Open an internet browser of your choice.  (IE, Fire Fox, Chrome, ETC)
    3. Type in into the URL bar.
    4. In the Menu click on Software Updates.
    5. Scroll down to Downloads and click on Live Update (5.8MB) or Live Update Tool.exe (6.3MB)
    6. Once you have clicked on the update you will be redirected to the login page.  Simply enter your email and password that you used when registering your product.  (If you do not have a registered email you will need to do so, this can be done by clicking on the sign up link.  Just follow the on screen instructions.  *Note* You will need your serial number for the registration process.  The Serial Number can be found on the CPU or on the box that your Blinder HP-905 was packaged in.
    7. Once logged in, click on ACTIVATE LINK – You now have access to the BLINDER Upgrade Software.
    8. Next, Select which Model of the System you have purchased and enter your serial number and click Submit.
    9. Download the software with the provided link.  Extract and install.
    10. Open the program (Blinder Live Updater)

Update Tool Picture

Once here, click on upload and the Blinder CPU will be updated to the newest and most current firmware.  (On this screen you can also change some of the settings of you Blinder HP-905 Laser Defense System)

When finished updating, you will see this prompt:
Update Complete Picture

Congratulations you have successfully updated your Blinder CPU to the most current firmware.

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