Mode Selector Switch

You will notice a remote selector switch is included in the system. If you install the CPU control module up under the dash or under a seat, you will find that the switch makes “OPERATION MODE” changes on the CPU control module possible without exposing the control box to prying eyes.

There are 3 modes of operation capable through the remote cable as shown in the diagram below. The one mode that might need some explanation is the “RECEIVER ONLY MODE”. When selected, this mode will alarm when a laser gun or laser speed camera is detected, but will not attempt to communicate with the speed measuring device. Hence, the laser sensors remain in “RECEIVER ONLY MODE” and emit no infrared laser light. In “DRIVING MODE” your HP-905 will engage the sensors and emit invisible laser beams to communicate with the speed measuring device and make your vehicle “invisible.”Wiring Diagram for HP-905

BLINDER HP-905 Compact laser jammer park assistHow the New BLINDER HP-905 Compact Works