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The BLINDER HP-905 and M7 X-TREME series of jammers are software upgradable. Using a laptop or desktop computer and a USB cable, the CPU software can be upgraded at no cost to you.

All upgrades are FREELY available from our website. The whole upgrade process takes less than 20 minutes to complete. No paying for upgrades. No wasted time sending away for module upgrades (as with competitor models), and no down time.

The CPU should Not be connected to 12 volts power during the upgrade process. Any power requirement is sourced via the computer USB cable.

pdf help fileDownload Adobe PDF viewer to view the help files on this website.

  Available Documents

HP-905 LiveUpdate Software

Instructions - Live Update Tool

hp-905 compact

(You must have an Internet connection for the software to access the desired update files stored on our secure server.)

  • Download and install the NEW RELEASE HP-905 Live Update Tool from the link below in the .exe or zip format. (If you have an older version of the Live Update Tool installed on your computer it will be automatically overwritten, so there is no need to uninstall the previous version first).
  • Attach your HP-905 Compact CPU to the computer using the USB cable that came with your package. (No 12VDC Power required).
  • Then run the link "BlinderLiveUpdater" located in the "Blinder" folder of the Windows Start All Programs Menu. Your Windows security will ask for permission for the Update Tool to access your computer system. Click to allow access. (If you do not grant permission, your Windows firewall will obstruct the CPU upload process and the background Internet download will "hang" and give an error message.)
  • Next select your country "Region" and the "Voice file" that you desire to install. Set the jamming time, sun interference level other parameters required.
  • With "AUTO" update selected, click the "UPLOAD" button. The software will identity the current CPU firmware version and automatically download the newer version from the Internet.
  • Available firmware versions are listed below. We have supplied both zipped and unzipped versions.
Trouble Shooting Installation:
  • If the BlinderLiveUpdater fails to access the Internet and "hangs" or produces an error message, there are two possible reasons. 1) You don't have a working Internet connection or 2) Your firewall is stopping your computer from allowing the software to access the Internet and download the CPU software. Double check your firewall settings and if necessary, return your firewall to the "default" setting.

Windows 8 Drivers

Win Compatible Blinder Software If you are running Windows 8, please install one of the below drivers before attempting to upgrade your HP-905 CPU software. (The driver files below have been compressed in ".zip" format. You can download a shareware program here to expand the files (WinZip 17.0)
  1. Windows 8 - 32bit - win8_x86 USB Driver: win8_x86_USB_Driver
  2. Windows 8 - 64bit - win8_x65_USB_Driver win8_x86_USB_Driver
NOTE - You will be required to complete a registration process in order to download from the links below. Please complete your full contact details after logging into the password protected Members Download Area. ONLY AFTER COMPLETING THE REGISTRATION DETAILS WILL THE NEW SOFTWARE BE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. Please make sure that you use the standard USB cable that was supplied with your HP-905. Some Chinese products include a battery charging USB cables that looks identical to a standard USB cable. These non-standard USB cables will fry your expensive HP-905 CPU (and other products) voiding your warranty. download Release Notes: Update Tool 2014.03.12
  • This new rev. of the update tool has solved a downloading issue some users had over the last couple of weeks.
Firmware 15.17.01
  • Further optimization of jamming algorithms for several laser guns contained in HP-905’s FW
  • Regionalization of the software to remove unused laser guns in the selected region.
  • Fixed minor bug in update tool

 M27 & M47 Software Upgrades

The previous model M27 & M47 used "country specific" software. Check below for your country specific upgrade software. We recommend that customers purchase a BLINDER system from a local authorised agent in your country.
Win Compatible Blinder Software

Click to Download New BLINDER UPDATE 1.1.27 Windows Compatible 31st March 2011

  • NOTE - You will be required to complete a registration process in order to download from the above link.
  • Please complete your full contact details after logging into the password protected Members Download area.

M7 series CPU

  • Updated algorithms optimized for specific regions of the world.
  • Software includes defences against laser guns and new laser speed cameras.
  • New park assist functionality that permits up to 3 levels of proximity warning whilst using different model sensor units.
  • Includes jamming algorithm for the New Vitronic PoliscanSpeed laser based speed camera used in Germany, Australia and parts of USA.
Read Page Flip User Manual - Read the new Parking Sensor Setup Manual online
pdf help file Download a printable copy of the Parking Sensor Setup Manual
pdf help file
pdf help file Download Adobe PDF viewer to view the help files in the left column.
pdf help file Installation of BLINDER Update Software (PDF) Software manuals

Equipment Required: To complete your CPU software upgrade, you will require a desktop or laptop computer and a USB A to B cable. The correct cable can be sourced from your BLINDER dealer.

BLINDER M25 and M45 Software Upgrades

Download Manual BLINDER M45 (Manufactured to June 2009)
pdf help file Download Manual BLINDER M25 (Manufactured to June 2009)
pdf help file
Download Adobe PDF viewer to view the help files in the left column.
pdf help file Download M25 to M27 Upgrade Kit
  1.12 INT (International) CPU Region code: 1 (INT) Software Version: 12 1.13 HU (Hungary) CPU Region code: 1 (Hungary) Software Version: 13 2.12 US (USA) CPU Region code: 2 (USA) Software Version: 12 3.12 CL (Chile) CPU Region code: 3 (Chile) Software Version: 12 4.12 ZA (South Africa) CPU Region code: 4 (South Africa) Software Version: 12 6.12 AU (Australia) CPU Region code: 6 (Australia) Software Version: 12 Settings Options Park value settings Park sensor ports select Start-up Sound Jamming Time: 7/10 Sec. / Constant Alarm time after jamming Transponder ERASE Software 1.12 INT ERASE File 1.13 HU ERASE File 2.12 US ERASE File 3.12 CL ERASE File 4.12 ZA ERASE File 6.12 AU ERASE File