BLINDER is happy to present our new product series:
BLINDER M27 & BLINDER M47 X-TREME Park Assist and Laser Protection Multipurpose Systems.

We have succeeded in developing a technology platform that forms the basis for our new product line, M27 X-TREME & M47 X-TREMEand new upcoming products. We have solved to a high degree the problems that face manufactures of Laser Jammers.

We have focused on just three factors that are important to protecting drivers against laser speed measuring devices namely –

  • Super effective jamming system that can detect and protect against the many different laser guns in most conditions without showing a jamming code on the laser gun or speed camera.
  • Internet updateable software for the BLINDER product line that makes it easy to stay protected with updated jamming software. See more here!
  • New features that make using of the BLINDER legal in countries with laser jammer ban.
  • The M27 & M47 comes with a more powerful platform based on a new central CPU that controls user settings, software updates, synchronization of all transponders and communications.

  • Improved detection and jamming function
    (hardware & Software)
  • PC software updateable
    (via USB port on the CPU module)
  • The BLINDER Update Software also allows the user to change system settings like upstart behaviours, jamming period and more.
  • Free software downloads from BLINDER web site (Including e-mail service)

  • Multi-function System (user can easily select modes: parking sensor or garage door opener/jamming mode by a new 3-postion switch)


BLINDER’S infrared pulses are arguably the strongest available anywhere for non-military product technology. You get a laser jamming shield in front of the car that prevents all possibilities to measure the car’s speed.

  1. When the ignition is turned on, the upstart self-test function (STF) will tell you that the BLINDER is ready.
  2. BLINDER is on stand-by until a police laser gun or one of the automatic photo laser speed traps hits the car. Now the X-TREME starts to do its job.
  3. The Laser Warning System (LWS) tells the driver that a laser gun is operating nearby. The driver must slow down.
  4. The infrared Detectors transmit the incoming laser pulse frequency to the built-in computer. The optimal jamming pulse is now selected.
  5. Because the jamming pulse is transmitted only when the laser gun is active, it has become possible to apply an extremely powerful return-jamming pulse signal.
  6. The police laser gun or photo trap cannot measure the speed, and the driver can continue without a speeding ticket.